Avril L.png

Avril L.

Toni gave wonderful feedback on my resume and cover letter that truly made it shine. I now feel confident that my portfolio will stand out to recruiters. Toni is a pro and I can see how her coaching elevates people from "professional" to "executive."

Natalie F.png

Natalie F.

Toni is a phenomenal coach! As an international affairs student at George Washington University, Toni advised me during my career transition from public to private sector. She engaged with me on a deeper level than simply my resume and offered insightful guidance when I prepared for interviews. I successfully obtained a position at Citigroup, and Toni's continued mentorship has helped advanced my career beyond expectation.

Madison R.png

Madison R.

Toni taught me the true power of words. Coming from an engineering background I shied away from sending assertive or opportunistic emails. However, toni provided the necessary skills that opened me to the world of networking. As the only undergraduate intern at my previous summer internship, her dinning etiquette lessons allowed me to stand strong aside my more mature colleagues during company lunches. Toni provided the necessary tools so I could focus on being me while completing my work. 

Tiffany D.png

Tiffany D.

Toni is a gifted listener and finds creative ways to partner your personal and professional goals. I worked with Toni when I transitioned into the workforce from graduate school. She was instrumental in pushing me to articulate my goals, find new pathways into the field, and follow through. Since then, over my 10+ year career in financial services, I have continued to foster my relationship with Toni and rely on her talents for continued development. Toni is truly an asset and I highly recommend you leverage her insights throughout your professional journey!

Nicholas K.

Toni has been extremely helpful with getting me started on my job search. She has not only helped me get my resume and multiple cover letters to the necessary quality, but also has taught me along the way so that I can use these skills myself and feel confident. She has taught me the appropriate manner to reach out to employers and helped me through countless email drafts until it was perfect. Toni helped me with all of this while being kind, patient, understanding and of course, helpful. It did not matter the time of day or day of the week. Toni would always respond to any questions I had and I thank her for all that she has done for me.

Briana M.png

Briana M.

Toni's sincere approach toward effectively addressing her client's career goals is superb! Her pleasant and professional demeanor cultivates a simple working session each time. She is organized and intentional in developing a plan to achieve her client's desired goals. Toni helped me redesign my resume and guided me in determining the best approach to present my new experience. She provided great tips on how to transition my resume from displaying mostly internships to highlighting more of my professional experience as I begin to seek more senior level jobs. Additionally, Toni provides a strategic plan that will support a career transition, whether it's relocating to a new city or effectively transitioning into a new role post promotion. Toni helped me with all of the above, and I'm grateful for her services!

Jessica C.png

Jessica C.

I used Toni for her interview coach services. After getting interviews but not getting the job, I needed to change something. Toni helped me craft my message and present myself in the best light. She took the time and had the patience to get me to the next level.  I credit Toni for helping me ace my next interview and get my dream job. 

Luis G.png

Luis G.

I had the privilege of being coached by Toni Purvis for a year. At the time, I was looking for guidance on developing my executive presence in preparation for business school and my career post-MBA. Toni's background as someone who has developed executive coaching curriculum for fast-rising leaders in America's top corporations through MLT's Career Advancement Program proved invaluable in our coaching. She was able to quickly and accurately identify areas where I needed the most coaching. From the time I started working to the time I enrolled in business school, Toni proved to be a valuable coach who was supportive and capable of helping develop a plan to build on my strengths and work on my weaknesses. Through exercises, readings, and scheduled meetings, I found myself becoming more and more confident. Her lessons not only helped me to perform well in my MBA interviews, but also helped me to build a network and establish my brand through a 9 month long process to secure an MBA internship within a Corporate Finance role in a Fortune 50 firm in New York City, in addition to gaining admission into Georgetown's Masters of Science in Foreign Service program, one of the most prestigious international affairs program in the country. Working with Toni has had an indelible impact on my life. Invest in your future and work with Toni. 

Karin M.png

Karin M.

Toni is an outstanding career coach who transforms the otherwise solitary, stressful and intimidating process of navigating your career into a creative, empowering and fun journey.
Toni was my career coach during my two years at George Washington University. Five years after graduation, overwhelmed and intimidated by career options and changes, Toni immediately came to mind and I reached out to her for private sessions. Now she is guiding me through mid-career changes and choices. 
The key to my success with Toni has been her strength at creating an open space where I can grow and discover my own path. Toni has an innate ability to help integrate career and life, understanding that the best outcomes are generated when the two are in sync. Her honesty, sincerity, insightfulness, and spirit make the sessions equally productive as enjoyable. We laugh and joke, just to dive right back into strategizing next steps, discussing best wording, or revising pitches. She challenges me, holds me accountable, and makes me more me.